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        Welcome to Kustom Glass, LLC., a stained glass studio located in Crystal River, Florida. At our  studio, we tend to pamper our customers with personalized service. The  studio welcomes visitors interested in customized glass works as well as laser etched wood and stone work. We focus on home decor solutions and gift ideas with personalized photos and art. The studio is renowned for its church windows which grace many sanctuaries throughout Florida.
        Kustom Glass works with individuals, decorators and builders to achieve unique customized accents in glass, wood, metal  and stone materials that add refinements to any room that will make a distinctive statement.
        This stained glass company has been part of The North Central Florida region for more than 20 years and grown to become the premier artisan in home decor. Kustom Glass is located in Crystal River,  2.6 miles north of downtown on Citrus Avenue.

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